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  ABC    ABC 7 News at 1100    Harris, Starling.  

    August 19, 2014
    11:00 - 11:36pm EDT  

11:00pm >> showing the death of an american jourmist. an investigati captioned by the national captioning institute >> happening now at the white house, an investigation into a video released by isis, the terrorist group claims it shows the murder of an american journalist. tensions grow in ferguson after officers shoot and kill a man in nearby st. louis. the former governor gets support from his sister and doesn't
mince words about the former first lady. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> we begin with developing news out of the white house tonight where an investigation is happening now into a graphic video released by isil claiming to show the death of an american journal it. foley disappeared in november of 2012. >> threats against another kidnapped journalist and retribution for military actions in iraq. >> that video was uploaded to youtube and has been taken down. 4:40 long and titled a message to america. it has not yet been verified by the f.b.i. but experts are going over it frame by frame tonight.
james foley disappeared in syria on thanksgiving 2012. the 40-year-old jourmist from new hampshire had come to syria to report on the treatment of the rebels at the hands of the syrian government. described as brave and daring, he had been captured and held in libya for 44 days. the video is chilling, the images graphic. this is a still frame from that video and appears to show foley on his knees and a hooded man with a knife in his hand. foley is forced to denounce the u.s. as quote, his real killers. then in a scene, it appears he is beheaded and there is a threat. kid r journalist, he was at the syrian border in 2013 and his life hangs in the balance depending on president obama
does next. quote, the t, a intelligence community is working as quickly as possible to determine its authenticity, -- >> now james foley facebook page says please be patient until we get more information and keep the foleys in your prayers. >> the protests in ferguson tonight, police wearing helmets and shields but the demonstrations have been peaceful, this in contrast to the night where over 70 people have been arrested. a second police-involved shooting miles away from where michael brown was killed. we are monitoring the situation.
what is the latest? >> demonstrators are back on ferguson streets tonight but first in 10 nights that we can report that no unrest after dark, however, there has been another fatal officer-involved shooting and police are back on the streets and this time, they are on heightened alert. >> demonstrators took to st. louis streets four miles from the brown shooting scene and officers killed a 23-year-old frican-american man who police say -- >> pulled out a knife and said shoot me now. kill me now. >> this was last night. police say it is being stirred up by outsiders. >> they are the greatest dynamic in the night that allow these people to hide in the crowd and
chaos. >> the highway patrol listed 31 arrests. and 78 demonstrators are behind bars, nearly double police reports. the officer who shot the 18-year-old six times according to the autopsy is now in hiding. still a grand jury will start likely hearing evidence tomorrow as eric holder arrives in ferguson. >> top cop law enforcement official in the country to show there is some seriousness on the part of the administration in resolving the issue. >> brown's mother feels it is overshadowing the shooting death of her son. >> we have to remain strong and have the violence stop. >> two police officers shot and killed that man earlier today. both are now on administrative leave. meanwhile, michael brown's family has planned his funeral. it is scheduled for mony morning. the family says it will be open
to the public. the latest live from the news room. >> meanwhile, a site you may have missed during last night's redskins' game. 11 players emerged from the tunnel monday night with their hands raised and palms forward. clark says michael brown in his words could have been any one of us. that could have been any one of us, our brothers and cousins and when you can make a statement, it's good. >> stay with abc 7 and for complete coverage of the ferguson protests and get updates. racebig endorsement in the for d.c. mayor it plans to endorse him. coming up in november. the d.c. police union will make
the official announcement tomorrow morning. >> talk about the weather and another mild sunny day. temperatures may creep a little higher tomorrow and may get some summer out of this summer after all. steve has the first look at the forecast. >> it is far from over, more heat and humidity for the day tomorrow and temperatures, here are in the 11:00 hour and upper 70's at reagan national airport. dulles, 74 degrees. temperatures in the 60's, elkins, west virginia, 66 degrees. satellite and radar, a few showers pop-up and did not amount to a whole lot. clouds will stick around. temperatures fall into the 60's to lower 70's. be on the lookout for areas of patchy fog and should be gone by early tomorrow morning and look at the next chance of showers and thunderstorms and may be sooner than you think.
>> thank you, steve. a man accused of killing a mother of two inlandover is in custody. to campbell is charged in the death of shauntelle lewis. and police found her body in her home. we are live at the police headquarters. how is the neighborhood feeling now that he is behind bars? >> the neighbors say they were glad to hear that police made an arrest in this case so quickly after a day after her body was first discovered. >> during the course of the investigation, we identified mr. tor campbell as an ex-boyfriend of our victim. campbell was taken into custody after he was charged in the death of lewis. police say he was with her several hours before she was found dead. >> we don't know what the motive was and was in a short-term
relationship, approximately three months. >> authorities say greenbelt police officers tried to stop a car for violations and found the car abandoned and turned out the car belonged to the victim's mother and told her her daughter was supposed to be using it. when the police went to the home, that's when she made the discovery. those who live in the area say they are relieved officers were able to make an arrest quickly. >> we are thankful they were able to snag him. >> according to court records online campbell has been in and out of jail for years for violent crimes but in many cases the charges were dropped. but neighbors are hoping justice will be served. >> he needs to pay what he did. the two kids will never be the same. >> police say they recovered a
weapon and seven murders have been domestic in nature. 's former virginia governor sister took the trial. bob's sister is named maureen and goes by the name of mo, she said she caused strains within the family. she said her cyster in law had wo sides, sweet, the other was manipulative. and she said she would hide things from bob and not be truthful. the former governor said this trial has been difficult. >> i have had better stretches in my life, four years of governor was more enjoyable than federal government. going now that i'm
through this, that's fine and i have faith in the justice system and the legal teamp a looking forward to taking the stand. >> the prosecution pressed mo mcdonnell on the loans and the question was whether from the real estate company or for the mcdonnell's personal use. >> we have late news about the e bowla outbreak. >> and standing water rescue
>> you are watching abc 7 news t 11:00. >> on your side. >> developing news tonight in
liberia's outbreak, president imposed a curfew in the same area where a mob attacked a clinic treating patients a few days ago. there is some good news from western africa, the health minister says three doctors taking the experimental drug has improved to american aid workers. >> monsoon rains lead to several dramatic rescues in phoenix. a man signaled a rescue signal. rescueer broke out a van window. five inches fell. hours after the rain stopped, still long flight delays in phoenix. >> texas governor surrendered today. the possible presidential candidate was fingerprinted and had his mug shot.
he was charged with abuse of power and coercion. the governor has said these were politically motivated. >> i'm going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being. >> he was released after booking. his first court appearance is on friday and will give a speech here in d.c. on thursday. >> a "consumer alert," several butters are being recalled because of possible salmonella sold under and different label brands. certain types of peanut butter and almond butter have been called. check it out on our web site. services re expanding and adding a store. drivers will bring products ordinarily found at a pharmacy
directly to you. if you request a ride, pick up from a list of more than 100 items. the service is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in specific parts of northwest, northeast and southeast d.c. >> you give your food a ride. >> give me one. >> and less than the headaches. >> let someone else do it for you. >> exactly. >> we are moving along. >> it is starting to feel like summertime. and a little break last week and the heat and humidity that the folks were missing is back just for the kids to go back to school. end a picture to us at j send them in. national wheel, looking pretty good this evening. temperature now at 79 degrees.
dew point levels are in the upper 60's. winds are out southeast at 6 miles per hour. 86 degrees, exactly where we should be at this time of year. 98 the record 12 years ago and weather bug network, we won't see it now, but here's the national wheel open until midnight tonight. 72 in manassas and 74 in lexington park, maryland. that cooler air, with temperatures only in the 60's, but further south and west you go, the heat and humidity continues. we will feel it tomorrow. we have a front located just to the south of us and we will watch this frontal system as it moves through the next 24-36 hours and showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and cool front late thursday into friday and will sweep the humidity out of here and bring
us a pretty nice start to the weekend with more comfortable temperatures, below average. satellite and radar, the clouds will stick around and patchy fog tomorrow morning and not enough that isn't going to cause any type of travel delays. much of the fog will be gone by 7:00 and the temperatures will warm through the 70's and making it into the middle 80's. we will stay dry tomorrow, but late tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours, we will see a few showers, a few thunderstorms develop and things will settle down and things will pick up on thursday. areas of heavier rain along with embedded thunderstorms and the cold front will swoop the warm and humid air out of here. 67-72 for overnight light. and for the day tomorrow, 82-87 degrees. keep an eye to the sky for showers and thunderstorms. but late in the day, extended
outlook shows temperatures back in the middle 80's on thursday. friday, 80 degrees and upcoming weekend, keep in mind our average for this year is 86. talking highs in the upper 70's and cooler. so fall just around the corner, but i'm not ready for it quite yet. >> that looks like a great weekend. ok. comfortable. >> sounds like football weather to me. at least we are getting there. >> the future of the redskins could be on the redskins and the nationals have done something since 2012. pretty good ride. how deep into the fall can they go?
>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the noodles have won eight in
a row for the first time since 2012 and hold a six-game lead over the braves. strasburg went eight full innings and gave up three hits and got support. desmond, he stays with a breaker and puts it into the hole. rendon scores and werth scores from second and 3-1 nationals. two batters later with the bases loaded again as cabrera rips a shot and trouble from the get-go. desmond is right behind him. harper lost his helmet and comes from first. cabrera with a double. the nats beat arizona 8-1. pittsburgh, braves and pirates. staying within reach with double-digit hits. upton. three-run home run in the third. he had five r.b.i.'s and the braves roll over the pirates.
five straight wins for the braves. let's go to chicago, white sox and orioles, with runners on first and third, chris davis, he takes quintana. and hardy will come around to put another run on the board. orioles beat the white sox. the orioles have been relentless. one of the main topics of conversation today about the redskins is r.g. iii continues to leave himself vulnerable. 24 hours since the end of the browns-redskins game and top trending conversation about the redskins. some say forget about trading cousins because r.g. iii won't last a season. he was asked about his concern about his quarterback. >> we have to continue to talk to him about how important he is to this franchise and he had a habit in his career getting out
of those situations. his speed and athleticism and 16-game season, he has to take a shot and learn how to get down. >> he is concerned about r.g. ii. ohio state has lost its starting quarterback for the rest of the year. re-jurisdiction his shoulder. keep in mind navy opens with the buckeyes in 11 days and ohio state is favored. >> wow! . >> they will have the best quarterback. the highest man trophy candidate. there you have it. >> i wonder what happens when your vehicle is
>> protests continue in ferguson, our top-trending story. video surfaces showing the beheeding and steve's forecast for the week. read all of them. >> there is a new car on the market will let you know if it is taking a car without you. it lets you see and hear what they are doing with your far. forward-looking camera and
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>> all right. >> summer's back tomorrow and heat and humidity and few showers and thunderstorms late in the day. better chance for storms on thursday. and heavier rain late thursday and friday. upcoming weekend, upper 70's with nighttime lows in the 60's. perfect for outdoor get-togethers. >> ruin viting us over? [laughter]
>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" [ cheers and applause ] tonight -- chloë grace moretz. ufc champion jon "bones" jones. and music from the mighty mighty bosstones. and now, let's face it, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, very nice. i'm jimmy. i am the host of this show. thank you for watching. glad you're in a goomo